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EXTRA-TERRESTRIAL – CODE EBEs (Aliens from 3rd dimension, or from outside earth).  This information was recovered from IAC – XXXX – P14AB and IAC – XXXX – P14NR, as well as other crash sites. Extra-Terrestrial: Wrongly designed ALFs, (Alien Life Forms).  I said that because all other five types are ALFs also.  All six types […]

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(Aliens from multi-universe).  The Para-Terrestrials come from several different parallel universes from the Multiuniverse.  When they accelerate or decelerate the frequency was recovered from IACT/26, OBR-32 – AC 204 (BANTY), as well as other crash sites. We can’t tell much about these beings, because we don’t have enough data about it yet. 1.  The name […]

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(Aliens from another Time/ Space or Earth people from another Time/ Space).  METE-TERRESTRIAL visitors are from another time and space.  This information was recovered from CRM/26.06 – ABR-26, as well as other crash sites.  Time Travelers – Our files take only the Essential Race.  A cross-breeding between Humans from and Extra Terrestrial from Zeta-Reticulae from […]

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(People from outside Earth/Dimension/Time-Space of life at Planet Earth from ancestral time).  This information was recovered from INAC/26.7B – AC 43.2, INAC-02, as well as other crash sites.  They came to Earth several EON’s ago now Terra (or Earth) is their planet too. We talk here about the seventh largest race, we found two large […]

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(Energetic/Intelligent life forms without material body).  This information was recovered from NCR/27B-01 MWC-2.B7 – AC “GODAR” PROJECT, as well as other crash sites. They evolved from a series of mono-electronics, to a series of more complex energy and created a collective civilization that does not know the individual thought or mind. The Ultrons are an […]

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